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In this topic, the learner will get to know the general principles of metastatic breast cancer, it`s management, differences from earlier stages BC management as well as factors underpinning the choice of treatment approaches. The topic also includes interprofessional aspects of patient support in this particular patient cohort. After completing the learning material video, learner can test the knowledge with the “Drag and drop” learning task.

Learning outcome: After completing the topic, learner is able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of metastatic breast cancer management and patient support. The learner is also expected to argument the difference of treatment pathway compared to early and locally advanced (I-III) stages and explain the purpose of treatment in palliative setting (to ease the symptoms and pain and prolong life)

Learning material and test your knowledge

See the following video about the concepts and management of metastatic breast cancer

All the image and animation content used in the video is from Canva (attribution not required) if not referred otherwise*

What did you learn? Test how well you learnt the topic concepts and management of metastatic BC with the test below.