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This topic will concentrate on the general procedures and support options necessary for the breast cancer patient during the treatment pathway. These are not linked to a particular treatment modality but are rather parallel activities. The learner will gain knowledge about the laboratory test and procedures necessary to be taken during whole treatment process as well as the importance of psychosocial support for breast cancer patients and possibilities to provide it.

Learning outcomes: To demonstrate advanced knowledge of laboratory test taken during breast cancer treatment pathway and ways to support the patients psychosocially. After completing the material, the learner is expected to take the exam.

Learning material and test your knowledge: Laboratory tests during breast cancer treatment

The following presentation covers the laboratory tests taken during breast cancer treatment. These tests are not necessarily linked to a particular treatment, but are taken parallel with the active treatment to check the status of the disease and general health.

Above you find a voice over of the Prezi presentation.

What did you learn? Test how well you learnt the topic of laboratory tests during breast cancer treatment with the test below

Learning material: Breast cancer patient`s psychosocial support

The following presentation guides learner through the different aspects of pychosocial support during breast cancer treatment.

Learning task

Read the following study by Micheletti et al (2022) “Effects of yoga practice on physiological distress, fatigue and QOL in patients affected by breast cancer undergoing adjuvant radiotherapy” and drag the words into suitable gaps.