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Module 1 focuses on interprofessional collaboration in breast cancer care and treatment pathway. In the first part of this module, the student is introduced to the breast cancer care and treatment pathway. Furthermore, the student learns about the framework for interprofessional collaboration, and then delves into the health professionals’ competence and roles, guidelines for breast cancer treatment, interprofessional collaboration in patient counseling and the significance of interprofessional collaboration for the patient.

To receive the certificate for completing this module it is required to pass the 20 question- Exam with 75% of correct answers. You have to be registered to take the exam!

After successful completion of the module, the learner is expected to be able to:

Care and treatment pathwayDemonstrate knowledge on the breast cancer care and treatment pathway

Framework for interprofessional cooperation
Demonstrate advanced knowledge on frameworks for interprofessional collaboration
Collaborate with other healthcare professionals in complex situations in the breast cancer care and treatment pathwayPlan and develop interprofessional teamwork
Professional competences and roles
Demonstrate knowledge and critical thinking on professional competences on one’s own as complementary and overlapping to other professions in the breast cancer care and treatment pathway
Express one’s own competences and pay attention to competencies of other healthcare professionals
Communicate and respect the strengths and  challenges of different competencies and perspectives in breast cancer care and  treatment pathway
Treatment guidelines and recommendationsDemonstrate knowledge and critical perspectives on global, national and local differences in recommendations and guidelines for the breast cancer treatment processSearch for evidence- based  knowledge and national/local framework and regulations  for breast cancer treatment  Identify and  reflect upon professional- and cultural differences in order to prevent potential conflicts related to different perspectives in the breast cancer treatment processes  
Interprofessional collaboration in patient counseling and educationDemonstrate advanced knowledge of theories and principles on interprofessional collaboration and user involvement in patient counselling and patient education Collaborate with other professionals in order to plan and develop relevant  interprofessional patient education and counselling 
Patient outcomes from interprofessional collaboration in treatment and careDemonstrate knowledge on interprofessional interaction and complementary competences as a value for patient outcomes in breast cancer treatment   Guide and support the patient in complex situations where several professions are involved during the breast cancer treatment  Assess patient’s needs for  complementary care