In this topic the learner is introduced to frameworks and guidelines for interprofessional collaboration. Generalised and specialized competences and dialogue in interprofessional cooperation are also discussed. The learning material contains active videos, recommendations for further reading and an exam.

Learning outcome: demonstrate advanced knowledge of frameworks for interprofessional collaboration

Learning material

These videos are interactive, and contains both questions for testing your knowledge and tasks for reflections which you are expected to complete. For subtitles, press CC -> English.

This 6:41 min long video introduces you to the need for interprofessional care and collaboration.
This 7 min long video tells about core competences in interprofessional collaboration.
This 9 min long video introduces you how can the core competences and our focus on professional identity, differences and trust affect our ability to become more competent team members.

Mandatory reading

  1. World Health Organization. Framework for action on interprofessional education and collaborative practice. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2010.
  2. Interprofessional Education Collaborative. Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice. Washington, D.C: Interprofessional Education Collaborative; 2011.
  3. Hall P. Interprofessional teamwork: Professional cultures as barriers. Journal of Interprofessional care. 2005;19(sup1):188-96.
  4. Nortvedt L, Norenberg DL, Hagstrøm N, Taasen I. Enabling collaboration and building trust among health science students attending an interprofessional educational project. Cogent Medicine. 2019;6(1):1669401.


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