This topic will guide the learner through the treatment decision making process that is preceded before the actual treatment begins. It is incorporated with the Module 1 whereas the student will firstly be reminded of the factors underpinning the treatment intent, followed by the different patient cases and treatment options suitable to them including the knowledge of hereditary breast cancer. Also, the learner will gain knowledge of the importance and role of multidisciplinary team decision making. After completing the learning material and additional reading, the student is expected to take the exam.

Learning outcome: To demonstrate advanced knowledge of the principles  underpinning the definitive diagnosis (laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging) of breast cancer, treatment intent and treatment methods most appropriate for the breast cancer type as well as to argument the need of multidisciplinary team decision making.

Learning material on breast cancer diagnosing and treatment intent

Take a look at a flowchart/process map of an example (Tartu University Hospital) of how breast cancer treatment pathway may be established in a clinic. Note that as they are generally developed based on international guidelines (ESMO,NCCN) they are accommodated to a particular clinic`s work arrangements.

For the overview of which factors underpin the treatment intent of breast cancer, please see the Prezi presentation from Module 1: “Care and treatment pathway”

The following presentation introduces the learner four different cases of breast cancer and common treatment approaches. Please enter the presentation Four different types of breast cancer.

Also see further information regarding Breast anatomy and Pathology from EbreastI

Podcast regarding hereditary breast cancer diagnostics

Tip! See also Ebreast learning materials of Oncogenetic consultation.

Learning material on Multidisciplinary team decision making in breast cancer treatment

The Prezi presentation of the role of multidisciplinary team in defining the suitable treatment approach for breast cancer. Please enter the presentation Role of multidisciplinary team.

Mandatory reading

Read the provided article about one Cancer treatment Unit`s experience with multidisciplinary team meetings:

S Rajan, J Foreman, M G Wallis, C Caldas, P Britton. Multidisciplinary decisions in breast cancer: does the patient receive what the team has recommended?(2013). British Journal of Cancer 108, 2442–2447.


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